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How to Avoid Foreclosure and Save your Credit

Attention Home Owners

You can avoid Foreclosure and save your credit!

If you are a home owner facing foreclosure, I may be able to help you through a process known in the industry as a “Short Sale.” A Short Sale is a process where I get your bank committed to helping you to avoid foreclosure by accepting a reduced pay-off on your mortgage loan, and it is something that happens every day.

Banks are changing requirements, procedures and qualifications almost daily. I know how to deal with these changes correctly, making offers more effective. I have helped many homeowners in the same situation you find yourself in. I am on your side.

If you are facing collection proceedings or Foreclosure:

Let me help you speak to your bank about your current situation and take the pressure off of you. I can help you with:

  • Finding a buyer. Unlike your bank, I have buyers looking for homes right now. I am experienced in these situations and sensitive to satisfying your needs, first!
  • I can reduce the impact to your credit standing.
    • Did you know a foreclosure can impact your credit for up to 7 years but a properly negotiated short sale has much less of an impact to your credit?
    • I will help you create a proactive plan with your bank that will reduce the impact to your credit and get you out from under this crushing pressure.
  • I can help negotiate a “structured move plan” with your current bank that will allow you to continue to live in your home longer.
    • I can help you work with your bank to stay in your home anywhere between 45 days to 6 months! This is not big talk: I do this daily for our clients.
  • I can help you defer collections calls from your bank.
    • If you are receiving calls from your bank about back payments and elect to hire me as your agent, you can forward those calls to me.

Working alone through a short sale or foreclosure with your bank is not easy. I am here to help you sell your home for you quickly and efficiently. In a 15 minute telephone call, I can explain to you all the current options available to help you solve your short sale situation.